Joy in good tasty food

One of the things I really struggle with when trying to lose weight is the feeling of being deprived. I love food and cooking and hate the idea of eating the same boring, bland things day after day.

Weight loss becomes about what I can’t eat, rather than what I can which just drains all the joy out of eating and makes the whole thing feel like a complete chore.

This is really silly because fresh, well-prepared food can be delicious without being full of calories. There are many things like fresh vegetables, spices, lean meats and low-fat dairy options that can make your meals interesting and special while still helping you lose weight.

There’s been plenty written about preparing food that will help with weight loss, but I’ve found the recipes are pretty hit and miss. I want to explore what’s flavours are available in my healthy-eating arsenal and experiment with I can do with them to feed myself and my family.

Motivation has been something that I’ve really struggled with since I had the kids, probably a lot because my life is quite full on at the moment as I juggle home and work. I’m hoping by invoking my inner geek I can make learning to cook new healthy recipes a  project I can get excited about. I want to discover the joy of healthy eating, take my cooking to another level and rewire my expectations about good, tasty food.