The little choices matter

Something I really struggle with when it comes to managing my weight is no single cake or curry is responsible for being over weight. Any of those actions by themselves do not make any difference to the big picture, it’s only making that same decision over and over again which causes a problem. When I’m faced with one of these little decisions, it can be really easy to tell myself that this one choice won’t make any difference to the big picture of my health.

And many of those choices feel really good in the short term! Delicious cake can provide a distraction from an upsetting meeting. I really enjoy a sneaky Friday night curry while my husband is out. I sometimes can really feel like I’m missing out when everyone else is having dessert, but I’m just having a cup of mint tea.

I  don’t think I’m alone, I think this is something humans are generally quite bad at. Personal debt, most of the problems with the environment and reputation are all examples of similar problems. It can take a bit of effort to make our human software see the long term cost over the short term benefit.

It’s difficult, but being aware of this is really the core of weight loss for me. When I start I always want to believe I can lose weight without having to change my life, but once I get going I always realise that these little changes are fine and don’t make my life any less enjoyable.

The good news is that the opposite is true too. All those little positive choices that I make towards weight loss really do matter too. Whether it’s using semi-skimmed in my milk, missing my morning coffee or saying no to a particular cake, all of these little decisions make a difference and are worth a tiny little celebration. Once I’ve made a few of these decisions, it can make me want to avoid making a bigger decision that would wipe the progress out too.